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A reproduction is a copy of an original. I use the word 'reproduction' as opposed to 'print' to distinguish between a printed 'copy' and an original hand-produced print (see the 'Prints' page for more details)
There are a variety of techniques that can be used to produce copies. Some, unless produced in multiples of 1000 can be extremely expensive and may even approach the value of the original.
I make use of new technology to be able to offer copies of my work at a reasonable price.

The images on this page are are all created specifically for reproduction and are not available as originals.

Please click on each image for full details and larger view

Forrabury Commo

'Forrabury Common'

East Walk Trewithen

'East Walk, Trewithen'


Old Path Boscastle

'Old Path Boscastle'


'Crackington Moon'


'Strangles And Beyond'



'Camel Estuary'

'Camel Estuary'


'On The Beach At Crackington'


'Lookout Tower Boscastle'

'Lookout Tower Boscastle '


Sparkling Cave

'Sparkling Cave'

'Late Summer Boscastle'

'Late Summer Boscastle'

Cornish Bird Proverbs
6 Different designs each complete with brief explanation of a traditional Cornish saying


Cornish Bird Proverb Gander

' Always On The Ran Dan Like
      Cousin Ann Harry's Gander

A young person always out and
about or a philandering spouse.


Cornish Bird Proverb Duck

'Gapin Like A Duck Against

Ducks can seem mesmerised by the
sound of thunder and stare around in
an upright and erect manner.



Cornish Bird Proverb Owl

'Gazin Out Like An
Owl In An Ivy Bush'

Said of a person with much hair
framing the face - often someone


Cornish Bird Proverb Curlew

'Maized As A Curley'

A mad person.
Refering to either insanity or



Cornish Bird Proverb Whitneck

'Scritch Like A Whitneck'

A child crying loudly.
The Whitethroat sits in a bush and
when disturbed screeches in


Cornish Bird Proverb Winnard

'Wisht As A Winnard'

A cold, sickly person.
The Whinchat, known locally as the
Winnard, migrates in winter to
warmer places. The saying refers to
the ones that get left behind in the


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